Key Words with Robin (11AB-15AB)

Key Words with Robin  (11AB-15AB) - mamaishop

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預計在 7至14工作天內送達
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產品編號 9781911580355

Key Words with Robin is a three-level series of readers designed to help young readers build their knowledge of vocabulary.

There are ten titles at each of the three levels, five A books and five B books. In each Book A, carefully chosen key words (high-frequency words) are introduced and repeated within the story. These words are then recycled in the corresponding Book B. This approach is designed to expose young readers to the same vocabulary multiple times, enhancing their understanding and allowing them to internalise the words and their meanings.

On completion of all three levels, your child should have at his/her disposal a total of 700 key words, enabling him/her to read with confidence most of the children's reading matter he/she encounters.

This box contains:
- 11A: The Loose Tooth
- 11B: The Hidden Room
- 12A: Funny David
- 12B: The Secret Elf
- 13A: The Sleepover
- 13B: Big Ben
- 14A: Water City
- 14B: Trick or Treat
- 15A: Tracks in the Snow
- 15B: Pirate's Treasure

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