Baby Animals

Baby Animals - mamaishop
Baby Animals - mamaishop
Baby Animals - mamaishop
Baby Animals - mamaishop

Robin Education

預計在 7至14工作天內送達
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產品編號 9781911580461

The Baby Animals series consists of ten captivating stories narrated by the baby animals themselves. In each story, young readers learn about the baby animal's life as it grows to adulthood, and about the habitat in which it lives. The vivid illustrations and interactive i-Pen feature make Baby Animals an unforgettable reading experience.

Set 1 Contains:

-  Blaze The Baby Dolphin
-  Flip The Baby Sea Turtle
- Fawn The Baby Deer
- Shumba The Baby Lioness
- Tembo The Baby Elephant

Set 2 Contains:

- Frisky The Baby Penguin
- Nanook The Baby Polar Bear
- Mei-Mei The Baby Panda
- Shingo The Baby Giraffe
- Kinta The Baby Kangaroo

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