The Usborne Reading Collection – Yellow Box (Level 3) 40 Books

預計在 7至14工作天內送達
  • The Usborne Reading Collection – The new collection has 40 paperback readers and is the next step after completing My First Reading Library (Green box) and My Reading Library (Red box).

    40 books to help your child grow as a reader:

    The first 25 books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series 1. Each of these books contains several lively short stories, or one longer in easy-to-read chapters.

    The next 15 books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series 2. These contain one longer story in chapters, and include many retellings of world classics.

    The Usborne Reading Collection (40 titles):

    Young Reading Series 1
    1. The Minotaur
    2. Pirate Adventures
    3. The Sorcerer?s Apprentice
    4. The Story of Chocolate
    5. The Billy Goats Gruff
    6. The Emperor?s New Clothes
    7. Magical Animals
    8. Stories of Dragons
    9. Stories of Ghosts
    10. The Twelve Dancing Princesses
    11. Stories of Monsters
    12. Stories of Pirates
    13. Stories of Princes and Princesses
    14. Stories of Robots
    15. Stories of Witches
    16. The Burglar’s Breakfast
    17. Animal Legends
    18. Stories of Mermaids
    19. The Story of Toilets, Telephones and other useful inventions
    20. The Magic Gifts
    21. Wizards
    22. The Monster Gang
    23. The Dinosaur Next Door
    24. Stories of Haunted Houses
    25. Stories of Dinosaurs

    Young Reading Series 2
    1. Around the World in 80 Days
    2. The Secret Garden
    3. The Wizard of Oz
    4. Beauty and the Beast
    5. Pinocchio
    6. Wind in the Willows
    7. Alice in Wonderland
    8. Black Beauty
    9. The Clumsy Crocodile
    10. The Railway Children
    11. The Snow Queen
    12. The Story of Heidi
    13. Hamlet
    14. Romeo and Juliet
    15. Macbeth